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3D Bin Picking Case Study 2

3D Bin Picking System

A 3D bin picking system was created using a loading system with a custom three-axis servo-driven cartesian robot. Tooled with magnetic grippers, the system picks parts off a cart and places them onto a belt conveyor.

Conduit Clamp Automation

Automated Conduit Clamp Assembly

An assembly work cell consisting of one central automated assembly machine was created to optimize the manufacturing process and increase quality with production.

Wire Forming and Assembly Machine Overview 2

Wire Inserting and Forming Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built an indexing dial assembly and test machine to manufacture a secondary bobbin assembly. This system was built on the SDChassis machine platform and provided a pre-engineered, smooth-running and cam-driven machine platform.

Semi-Automated Valve Assembly 2

Semi-Automated Gas Valve Assembly

The SDC team built a custom semi-automated assembly machine. To accommodate several part sizes, a split plate fixture providing the drive torque was designed for a quick change-out with different sized plates stored below the operating area.

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Continuous Motion Packing System

Within this system, we designed and built several fully automated continuous motion systems which apply a powder coating to both sides of a tape product, feed and prepare containers for the tape, load the tape into the containers and seal the containers with a lid.

Automated In-Line Measurement System2

Automated In-Line Measuring System

The SDC team created an in-line measuring system to measure the diameter of each part using a vertical laser micrometer after the parts are cleaned and correctly oriented on the conveyor.

Precision Wire Insertion Machine 1

Precision Wire Insertion Machine

This machine uses camera-based vision systems to locate the end of the wire and the position of the holes in the housing, then a robot uses offset coordinates based on vision results to make a precision move to insert the wires.

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Custom Leak Testing Machine

SDC designed and built a semi-automated leak test machine using upgraded technology to test the seal between a pipe nipple and its tubing.


Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

The experts at SDC designed and built an automated machine that uses a custom conveyor system to load boxes with glass bottles into the cell. As the bottles are moved into the cell, a complex machine vision system accurately identifies the position of the bottles.


Automatic Resin Distribution and Material Handling Cell

This large cell automatically creates large sheets of fiberglass through a process of feeding individual sheets of fiberglass, one at a time, coating them with a layer of resin, and then stacking them on top of each other to move into a large press.