Case Studies

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Solar Panel Sweep Test Machine

Project Scope: Solar Panel Sweep Test Machine With advancements in solar power technology, SDC’s customer in the alternative energy industry needed to upgrade their testing

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Solar Panel Reflectance Test

The system is a servo-driven X-Y gantry that moves an optical sensor head to various positions on the panel. Positions can be obtained from a database recipe or sent from third-party software.

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Precision Optical and Electrical Tester

Project Scope: Precision Optical and Electrical Tester An SDC customer in the alternative energy industry needed a flexible system to move solar panel coupons to and

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Drill Bit Package Assembly Machine

Built to handle a wide variety of drill bit sizes and packaging arrangements, this machine builds components at individual indexing stations.

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Medical Hose Assembly Machine

A returning SDC customer was looking to optimize their facility with a new medical assembly machine. Our team was well prepared to deliver.

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FDA-Approved Medical Device Assembly

A SDC returning customer in the medical manufacturing industry updated their product line, requiring a retrofitting of their current assembly and processing machine.

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Thermal Heating Component Assembly 

SDC found an effective solution including multiple assembly stations utilizing heavy payload robots. The SDC team engineered, designed and built a fully automated assembly system to produce a thermal heating component, commonly known as a burner.

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Hose Assembly & Test Machine 

The SDC team developed a comprehensive assembly and test machine with five process stations. Fed by the customer’s extruder line

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Specialty Box Spotting Machines

Project Scope: Specialty Box Spotting Machines  A manufacturer of paperboard boxes and long-term customer of SDC needed additional machines to perform a box-spotting assembly process.