We take pride in developing unique, custom solutions for solar module testing.

As the solar industry has grown over the years, the SDC team has developed many types of automated testing and inspection equipment for photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers. All our PV module testing equipment can be customized to meet specific requirements for safety, function, and performance while maintaining compliance with applicable industry standards.

Custom Automated Testing Equipment

Wet Leakage Current Test

Evaluate the PV module insulation under wet operating conditions to verify that moisture (rain, fog, dew, snow, or any other sources of moisture) does not enter the active parts of the module, where it may cause corrosion and other safety hazards.


Mechanical Load Test System (Static and Dynamic)

Measure the durability and longevity of PV panels. SDC’s mechanical load test equipment can perform static load testing to simulate typical wind and snow loads on modules and dynamic load testing to confirm PV module durability. Our system is equipped with zone control which can isolate and test only certain zones of the panel, if desired.

Rinse/Dry Module Cleaning System

Allows “hands free” module cleanup in a quick and consistent manner while protecting the integrity of the modules. Rinse away conductive solution from wet leakage current testing, dust, or any loose particles from PV modules. Prepare modules for additional testing or packaging. Programmable to allow for multiple cycles on a single module.


Module Breakage & Hail Impact System

Test PV modules to ensure they can withstand a severe storm with hail and other impact. Our equipment performs both a module breakage test (module rupture test) and a hail impact test.

Module breakage test: per IEC 61730-2:2015, Section 10.20, this system is equipped with a small wrecking ball mechanism that can swing and contact the module at a predetermined speed in order to test breakage.

Hail impact test: per IEC 61215-2, Edition 1 2016-03, Section 4.17, this system is equipped with a pneumatic powered launch mechanism to accurately launch pre-made ice spheres at the module to simulate hail.

Our system can test modules up to 2009mm x 1232 mm.

Reverse Current Overload (RCOL) Test System

Our RCOL test system connects a solar panel to a power supply and runs a custom C # .NET software that sends an electrical current through the panel. A thermal imaging camera will then capture temperature data throughout the panel and map hot spots.

Our system can test modules up to 2009mm x 1232mm.

Automated Panel Thickness Measurement System

Measure solar panel thickness and bow over a number of programmable points along the panel using “pinch” sensors. When the testing sequence is complete, the sensors will automatically move out of the way.

Our system includes a calibration block and automatic adjustments. Results are stored in a database that can be customized to a customer’s requirements.

Image Capture Equipment

Capture a glare-free image of the whole PV module for research and development on your PV production line.

Simply, place a PV module inside our enclosed, dark test chamber designed to eliminate glare. A line scan camera will then “sweep” over the image to create one final image of the whole module.

XY Mapping Machine

Take reflectance measurements at pre-determined X, Y coordinates on a PV module using a reflectometer to measure the quality of the module coating.

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