Our machines offer automatic, reliable, and consistent quality control.

As a manufacturer, consistent quality control is important. With SDC’s experience in product inspection and testing, machine vision, control systems, and robotics, it enables us to deliver custom equipment designed to meet your high quality standards.

Whether you need to incrementally track progress on an assembly machine or an entire system dedicated to one specific critical test, we can design and custom build an automated testing and inspection machine to ensure your product passes quality standards.

  • Camera Based Vision Inspection
  • 2D Laser Measurement
  • 3D Laser Measurement
  • Electrical Testing and Data Processing
  • Flow Testing
  • Force Monitoring
  • Distance Measurement
  • Functional Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Traceability
  • Image Capture
  • Probing
  • Character Recognition
  • Shape Verification
  • Burr detection
  • Laser Ablation – Chemistry measurement in real-time
  • Ellipsometer Integration
  • Coating Inspection

We have successful experience performing automatic test and inspection processes including:

Sort products and assemblies by physical characteristics such as grading material, color, size, and more.

Detect leaks in products that are welded or have seals.

With machine vision, cameras can be programmed to automatically inspect and verify many different features on your products and assemblies.

Determine if a feature or part is present or in the correct position in the operation before moving on to the next process.

Measuring and monitoring torque or force while processing components.

Precision laser sensors can provide micron-level measurement accuracy.

Monitor temperature to ensure product quality, as well as the efficient and safe operation of a system.

Measure voltage, current, and power.

Analyze the vibration of a system to detect anomalies and changes in amplitude, intensity, and frequency.

Testing devices in a temperature, humidity, and other environmental controlled chamber.

Dimensional precision measurement and positioning.

Measure the intensity and wavelengths of light.

Testing and Inspection Machines

Automated Wick Assembly Machine

Our team designed this automatic machine to be double sided, with two products assembled simultaneously on the dial.

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