Gas Burner Assembly Machine

Project Scope:

Gas Burner Assembly Machine

Looking for an additional machine to add to their facility, we worked with our continual customer in the gas component manufacturing industry to provide the highest quality machine with the updated technology.

Three SDC Flex Feeders with robotic pick-and-place

Four FANUC SCARA robots, one FANUC 6-axis robot

SEYI SN1-28 gap frame press

SDC servo-driven indexing ring

Two bin picking SDC XY gantry cartesian robots

Telesis F30DSVE 30-Watt Fiber Laser

The Solution:

We took our original machine design and updated it to better fit the customer’s needs. This high-speed assembly and inspection machine is equipped with 20 part fixtures on an SDC Indexing Ring. Each fixture consists of a permanently affixed holder to the indexing ring and a tooling insert which is the bottom half of the press die. We equipped this machine with the capability to accommodate different sized burners with simple tooling changes.

Three SDC Flex Feeding systems were integrated as the optimal way to feed several complex parts required for product assembly. FANUC SCARA robots performed pick-and-place functions at the end of each conveyor and were guided by a vision system.

Several comprehensive inspection stations were installed throughout the machine to ensure precise part quality. Once picked from the ring, the assembled part is placed onto a custom conveyor leading to a 6-axis FANUC robot. These parts are then placed orderly in an output bin for an operator to unload.

Machine Rate: 30 parts per minute