Solar Panel Dynamic Load Test Machine

Project Scope:

Solar Panel Dynamic Load Test Machine

With advancements in solar panel technology, SDC’s U.S.-based customer in the alternative energy industry needed to upgrade one type of their testing machines. This upgrade would help test and ensure warranty of the new series of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Variable zone testing

Pneumatic actuators

Deflection sensors

Calibration load cell

Cell mounting brackets

The Solution:

This rugged solar panel testing machine simulates real environmental challenges and measures panel performance. This enables our customer to offer a product warranty by measuring the durability and longevity of PV panels. Our mechanical load test can perform both static and dynamic load testing. This system is also equipped with zone control which has the capability to isolate and test only certain zones of the panel.

Our system operates using a series of programmed and pneumatically powered cylinders with suction to connect to the module. The cylinders move on a pre-determined test schedule that specifies the speed, force and duration of each test.

As the solar industry has grown over the years, the SDC team has developed many types of automated testing and processing equipment for photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers. Our solar testing and inspection equipment is customized to meet testing requirements for safety, function and performance while maintaining compliance with UL 61730-1 and UL 61730-2 standards. Additionally, all SDC systems are equipped with ergonomic and safety features.

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