We optimize the process of feeding materials and components into all of our automated machines.

No matter the machine, it’s crucial to understand what materials or components are used so we know how to best feed them.

Over the years, we have developed technologies to handle and feed a wide variety of parts regardless of how complex or simple the geometries and materials may be.

  • Vibratory bowl feeding
  • Centrifugal feeding systems
  • Web based parts feeding
  • Container feeding from stacks
  • Step feeders
  • SDC Flex Feeding
  • Servo-driven pick-and-place
  • Conveyor based feeding
  • Operator assisted semi-automatic feeding
  • Robotic parts handling
  • Robotic bin picking
  • Tray-based feeding
  • Medical tube de-reeling
  • Part magazine feeding
Automatic Parts Feeding

SDC Flex Feeding

Our proprietary SDC Flex Feeding system incorporates proven pre-engineered technology to feed individual components into our automated machines. 

Our system uses a combination of vision guided robotics, conveyor systems, and a bulk parts hopper to accurately execute high speed pick-and-place functions. 

A key advantage of our design is the system’s flexibility. Each project can be adapted and programmed to fit any pace, size/shape part, color or other variations that are traditionally difficult to automatically feed.

SDC Servo-Driven Pick-and-Place

Pick-and-Place mechanisms provide high-speed, precise motion at a great value while maintaining a low profile.

More simple than our robotic and vision guided systems, our servo-driven mechanism provides a high level of reliability and repeatability and is ideal for high-speed, single component applications. 

Pick and Place
Automatic Parts Feeding

Medical Tube Feeding

Through  years of designing and building automated machines for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we have developed  technology for feeding medical tubing from bulk rolls.

Our servo-driven medical tube feeding systems incorporate proven methods to handle the unique characteristics of tubing with high speed and precision. 

3D Bin Picking

Robotic 3D bin picking offers the flexibility to pick parts directly from a bin without the need to orient or sort them.

By using smart machine programming, this feeding technology eliminates typical part feeding systems and allows the robot to pick parts on the fly and place them into an automated machine.

Automatic Parts Feeding

Case Study: Parts Feeding

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