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At SDC, we evaluate every new project and integrate the most advanced and innovative technology for your application. Our controls engineering team hold the experience and training to successfully recommend, implement and program the most optimal robotic package.

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Robotic Integration Capabilities

robotic-assembly iconRobotic Assembly

robotic-welding iconRobotic Welding

robotic-dispensing iconRobotic Dispensing

wholesaleRobotic Palletizing

3D-sensor iconVision-guided Robotics

robotic-integration iconCollaborative Robotic Integration

robotic-routing iconRobotic Routing

Noun Automation 1671178Robotic  Sorting

robotic-material-handling iconRobotic Material Handling

packaging iconRobotic Packing

robotic-inspection iconRobotic inspection

cube-iconRobotic 3D Bin Picking

robotic pick and place iconRobotic Pick-and-Place

Case Study: Robotic Integration

Precision Wire Insertion Machine 1

Precision Wire Insertion Machine

This machine uses camera-based vision systems to locate the end of the wire and the position of the holes in the housing, then a robot uses offset coordinates based on vision results to make a precision move to insert the wires.

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