The SDChassis is a proprietary, world-class, pre-engineered, high-speed assembly platform.

Constructed of heavy steel and precision components, the SDChassis creates synchronized motion for all common automation processes.

With a fast and flexible small part assembly and processing machine center, a custom-tooled SDChassis is the perfect solution for any machine that requires high-speed, small part assembly. Its function also extends to processing, pick-and-place, and probing actions. With over 20 years of production, the SDChassis machine platform has proven to be a high-quality and cost-effective choice compared to similar, fully customized options.

With over 20 years of production, the SDChassis machine platform has proven to be a high-quality and cost-effective production machine platform.

SDChassis – How it Works

The SDChassis combines accurate and smooth tooling motions from its large CAM, along with the flexibility and programmability of a servo-driven indexing table and plate CAM encoder. The servo-driven indexing table allows for parts fixturing ranging from 4 to 48 stations. The synchronized servo CAM drives reciprocating plates that provide the motion for the tooling.

One lower and two upper reciprocating hubs are driven by three independent telescoping center shafts that each travel on independent CAM tracks. As the CAM turns, it generates self-governing vertical motion for each hub. The hubs include precision linear bearings and ride-on precision ground shafts. The vertical reciprocating hub motion is then available for SDChassis motion tooling.

SDChassis3 Updated
SDC Chassis machine

Pre-engineered pick-and-place motion provides a smooth, high-speed automated system with motion generated by the reciprocating hubs of the SDChassis.

Unparalleled CAM-Driven Motion

The rugged, pre-engineered base of the SDChassis provides smooth, high-speed electro-synchronous CAM-driven motions. This means that the machine speed can be adjusted and all stations stay synchronized. Each Pre-engineered probing module is tooled with a probe containing soft springs for gentle part contact while electric sensors, such as an optical sensor, provide a rugged yet precise method. These deliver a smooth vertical and/or horizontal motion for verifying both part presence and position. 

Each pick-and-place module is tooled to handle a specific part (like a pneumatic gripper, suction cup, etc.).

A servo-driven indexing dial with a high degree of positional repeatability offers custom table fixtures for your parts. An encoder is used to synchronize the indexing motion, with an in-shot engaging at every dwell to ensure positional accuracy. Pre-engineered motion and tracking software is integrated with the PLC control system.

Custom Tooling

We have a library of pre-engineered motion modules for the SDChassis. This allows users to achieve virtually any assembly operation including pick-and-place, light press, vertical and horizontal slides, probing, escapement, and many other motions.

Additionally, standard tooling can be customized, or new tooling can be designed and built for your specific application. SDC’s expertise in designing custom parts fixtures specifically for the SDChassis allows us to offer fixtures for virtually any part.

At SDC, we specialize in custom engineering and design. We’ll work with you to deliver a complete custom automated machine.

Common SDChassis automation cells include:

  • Robotic parts loading and/or unloading
    (picking from a pallet or an array)
  • Vibratory parts feeding
  • In-feed and out-feed conveyors
  • Many other parts feeding systems, including manually loaded in-feed conveyors

SDChassis Specifications

  • Indexing table diameters: 30 to 36″ (inquire about larger diameters)
  • Indexing accuracy: ±.002″
  • Indexing torque: 6000″/lbs
  • Indexing table stations: 4 to 48 fixture stations
  • Motion modules: Mount up to 24 per machine
  • Vertical motions: Up to 3″
  • Horizontal motions: Up to 6″
  • Electrical requirements: 480 volts, 15 amps, 60Hz, 3-phase

General Specifications

  • Operation indicator stack lights
  • Travel protection
  • Overload protection
  • CAM-derived motions
  • Hardened CAM tracks
  • Heavy ground steel top plate with key slots
  • Indexer shot-pin
  • Full guarding

Case Study:

Wire Forming and Assembly Machine Overview 2

Wire Inserting and Forming Assembly Machine

SDC designed and built an indexing dial assembly and test machine to manufacture a secondary bobbin assembly. This system was built on the SDChassis machine platform and provided a pre-engineered, smooth-running and cam-driven machine platform.

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