Semi-Automated Thermoplastic Part Assembly

Project Scope:

Semi-Automated Thermoplastic Part Assembly

A manufacturer of thermoplastic products came to SDC for an updated assembly machine to add to their production floor after a surge in product demand. With this surge came an opportunity to produce another similar product, requiring an additional machine with a relative assembly process. Outsourcing the design, build and support for these machines to automation experts was the best solution for their production.

Bellco Feeders vibratory feeder bowls

Allen-Bradley PLC

Keyence IV3-G500CA vision sensor with built in AI

Banner EZ-SCREEN LP Light curtains

Maintenance slide plate that allows easier access of critical components

SDC servo linear ball screws for horizontal and vertical placement

Pin groove to keep O-ring and retaining ring in correct position for insertion

The Solution:

Semi-automated machines have been a preference for this customer due to product variation and process specifications. Being that this company had been familiarized with semi-automated processes with several of these kinds of machines on their manufacturing floor, it was an easy integration method. Comparing the different benefits and considerations that semi and fully automated process provide, a fully automated system would have cost more in time and money, outweighing the potential benefits.

The SDC team provided two semi-automated solutions based on this customer’s preference and to best meet their requirements to manufacture the different types of thermoplastic products. These custom machines were designed to allow a technician to operate and oversee the assembly process. We paid particular attention to the tooling features and machine feeding systems. This helped to ensure the machines positioned the components for accurate assembly. With these new machines, their manufacturing reliability increased, resulting in an improvement in the overall production rate.

Machine Rate: Per machine – 8 parts per minute