We provide reliable, high-speed systems that automatically handle and package products.

Automated packing and material handling machines can improve efficiency by increasing output, controlling costs, and maximizing productivity.  They can also increase operator safety by completing tasks that are physically demanding or hazardous.

Our custom-engineered  solutions are often a combination of different technologies integrated into one system and tailored to fit our client’s exact needs. 

Our solutions minimize operator responsibilities and maximize efficiency. We have proven methods to automate:

  • Web Handling​
  • Ultraprecise Part Placement​
  • Custom Conveyor Systems Integration
  • Tray Loading and Unloading​
  • Pick-and-Place
  • Machine Tending​
  • Stacking ​
  • Packaging ​
  • De-reeling / De-coilers​
  • Servo-driven Feeding

SDC Flex Feeding

Through years of experience designing and building automated material handling machines, SDC has developed a proprietary Flex Feeding system. This system takes bulk-fed components and uses a combination of vision-guided robotics and conveyor systems to execute pick-and-place functions quickly and accurately.

A key advantage of our proprietary flex feeder design is that the system is flexible in all aspects. The system can be adapted and programmed to fit fast or slow applications, big or small parts, any part color and many other part variations that are traditionally difficult to automatically feed.

Case Study: Material Handling

FMS cartoning machine

Custom Cartoning and Packaging Machines

Project Scope: Custom Cartoning and Packaging  Machines Recently, we were approached by two customers looking to integrate automated cartoners into the machines we were designing

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