SDC Electropolishing – The EP10

Project Scope:

SDC Electropolishing – The EP10 

A medical device manufacturer needed two machines to electropolish their stents. These machines also needed to follow international compliance standards for shipping overseas.

Free-standing unit constructed of acid resistant materials

Dual 1000-watt tank heating elements

Baffle controlled agitation system

Custom electrical system and stent polishing software

Mitsubishi PLC

CE compliant system

The Solution:

The electropolishing system works by submerging a metal part in an electrolytic bath, typically consisting of sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, that’s connected to a power supply. When the power supply is activated, the metal part becomes anodic (+) while another metal, usually lead, copper, or stainless steel, is used as a cathode (-).

These electropolishing machines were customized from the original SDC design to encompass our customer’s need and deliver future machines internationally.



While originally engineered for the medical  industry, SDC’s EP10’s evident durability, state-of-the-art controls, and small footprint make it a cost effective alternative to large electropolishing systems.

Common Uses Include:

  • Medical and Dental Implant Devices
  • Medical and Dental Instruments
  • Aerospace Components
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Components
  • Food and Beverage Production Components
  • Jewelry

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