Fluid Dispensing and Packaging Machine

Project Scope:

Fluid Dispensing and Packaging Machine

With a package wrapping system already chosen, SDC’s customer that produces mosquito control solutions needed to find a machine to dose their repellant product. This included an innovative approach of liquid application to the media prior to the wrapping process.

SDC fluid dispensing system

Servo-controlled horizontal motion module

Motion-engaged displacement pump

Keyence color sensor

Syntegon wrapper machine

MGS Intermittent Pick-and-Place (IPP) denesting system

Complete machine safety system

The Solution:

SDC’s solution was an automatic high-speed fluid dispensing system. This unique design featured three dispensing nozzles mounted on a high-speed SDC servo-controlled horizontal motion module.

As the sheets of media convey through the system, these nozzles track and follow the conveyor and eject liquid on the media. The Keyence color sensor verifies the correct application of the liquid before it enters the wrapping machine. The product is then wrapped, sealed, and conveyed to an output bin to complete the manufacturing process.

Machine Rate: 120 parts per minute