Our engineering team has extensive experience in mechanical motion and complex machine design to deliver creative and innovative systems.

We are a creative problem-solving company. From automated assembly and processing machines to integrated packing and material handling solutions to custom testing and inspection stations, SDC specializes in designing and engineering unique solutions for your most complex automation needs. 

We pair cutting-edge technology with factory-proven methods to conceptualize, design, and deliver quality automated machines to our customers. Our years of experience ensure you receive a thoughtful, cost-effective approach to achieve your automated production goals.

SolidWorks allows our team to work collaboratively and efficiently, producing high-quality machines.

Easy Collaboration

SDC has developed a large library of proven mechanical machine designs that our team can pull from and modify to fit a large variety of applications. 

Rapid Prototyping

SolidWorks allows us to quickly prototype and simulate the functions and motions of the machine throughout the entire design process so we can increase machine performance, reliability, and reduce safety risks along the way.

3D Machine Models

Our 3D virtual models allow us to bring our designs to life to provide clear, easy-to-understand views. 

Secure Design Database

Our database automatically updates whenever changes are made. This happens at every part of the development chain so our team continually has efficient communication.

"SDC has developed a large library of proven mechanical machine designs that our team can pull from and modify to fit a large variety of applications."

Our Mechanical Engineering Project Process

We evaluate all projects to determine how we can best help our customers. This helps us navigate our project journey on how to solve manufacturing challenges efficiently.

After gathering all the necessary information, our applications engineering team drafts a machine concept accompanied by an official proposal that includes machine pricing and a project timeline.

Each project is assigned a project manager who designates a dedicated SDC team. A project kick-off meeting is held to ensure all the fine details are understood before the project moves into the design phase.

Our custom machines are designed, detailed, built, and programmed in-house. The design and time to manufacture heavily depends on the complexity of the project. Our open communication policy means our customers are updated every step of the way.

After connecting power to the machine, our team goes through the process of fine-tuning and ensuring that it performs as listed in the project specification.

To ensure optimal performance, our machines undergo rigorous testing and analysis before they are released to production. We conduct comprehensive acceptance testing, both at SDC and at our client’s facility.

Case Study:

Mechanical Machine Design

SDC Electropolishing – The EP10

A medical device manufacturer needed two machines to electropolish their stents. These machines also needed to follow international compliance standards for shipping overseas.

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