Automated Machine Platforms

AUTOMATED MACHINE PLATFORMS We use the right machine platform for each application. Automated machines and systems can be very successful at increasing manufacturing productivity and


Assembly Machines

ASSEMBLY MACHINES Our automated systems offer creative solutions to manufacturing processes and are built to last. Over the past 25 years, SDC has built over


Testing and Inspection Machines

TESTING AND INSPECTION MACHINES Our machines offer automatic, reliable, and consistent quality control. As a manufacturer, consistent quality control is important. With SDC’s experience in


Material Handling Technology

MATERIAL HANDLING TECHNOLOGY We provide reliable, high-speed systems that automatically handle and package products. Automated packing and material handling machines can improve efficiency by increasing


Robotic Integration

ROBOTIC INTEGRATION Continually providing the best robotic package At SDC, we evaluate every new project and integrate the most advanced and innovative technology for your

Electrical Device Manufacturing machine

Electrical Device Manufacturing

ELECTRICAL DEVICE MANUFACTURING Electrical device manufacturing machines require high levels of machine accuracy and repeatability. In the wake of Industry 4.0, and now Industry 5.0,

Engraved part marking

Part Marking

PART MARKING We integrate the best part marking systems into our machines, creating economic, and reliable solutions. Industrial part marking is an important aspect of

Parts Feeding

Automatic Parts Feeding

AUTOMATIC PARTS FEEDING We optimize the process of feeding materials and components into all of our automated machines. No matter the machine, it’s crucial to


Mechanical Machine Design

MECHANICAL MACHINE DESIGN Our engineering team has extensive experience in mechanical motion and complex machine design to deliver creative and innovative systems. We are a


Electrical Controls System Design

ELECTRICAL CONTROLS SYSTEM DESIGN Our electrical controls engineers are experts in machine motion. Our electrical and controls engineering team has the experience to design, develop,

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