Our SDC Flex Feeding system is proven to feed a wide variety of parts, shapes, sizes and geometries.

Smart Programming

Our Electrical Controls Engineering team programs our flex feeding robots to work smart, analyzing the parts coming down the conveyor and picking them up in the most efficient way to maintain rate and accuracy. Any part that is not in an ideal position on the conveyor is recirculated, automatically repositioned and presented to the robot again.

Eliminate Changeover Between Sizes

One of the main advantages of our SDC system is eliminating changeover time by using a series of custom robot grippers with automatic gripper change programs.

Vision Guided Motions

Our Flex Feeding system is not shape-specific. It uses vision guidance and sensing to distinguish and accurately pick many different parts from the same conveyor.

Designed for High-speed Applications

All parts are fed through a bulk container, and then they are located and placed in their appropriate positions. Our Flex Feeding systems often include an accumulating buffer allowing for high-speed applications and ensuring the system is as efficient as possible.

We know how to deliver parts into automated machines in the best way.

SDC Flex Feeding Main Advantages

  • Eliminates changeover with multiple-part programming
  • Robotic vision guidance and other SDC technology ensures highest accuracy
  • Unpicked parts are recirculated to maintain continuous motion
  • Our proprietary technology maximizes robotic speed 

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