Unlocking Potential: Furthering Careers at SDC

Steven Douglas Corp. stands out as a custom automated machine builder with a distinctive edge. We design, engineer, and build custom machines that automate manufacturing processes around the globe and our passion for our work is unmatched. For over 25 years, we have been able to recruit and retain some of the brightest minds in the industry leading us to 2024, and a track record that speaks for itself! 

Creating robust machinery is no simple task! That’s why we’ve spent years creating an empowering environment that allows our team members to flourish. If this sounds tempting to you, then stick around, SDC can take your career to the next level.

Unlocking Potential: Furthering Careers at SDC

Unmatched Job Experience

From automating packaging systems to creating solar testing equipment, SDC works to automate a multitude of processes and systems. With new machine projects scheduled regularly, employees can always look forward to unique experiences.

At SDC, our teams thrive in an environment where each project presents a new challenge, promoting continuous growth and innovation, distinct from traditional engineering roles. For each project the PM group assigns a dedicated team to take the machine from concept to production, allowing each member to learn about new processes along the way.  Once the project is wrapped up and begins production at our customer’s facility, team members will jump on a  new project – starting the cycle over again and working cross-functionally with the SDC group. 

A project-oriented job setting has many benefits. The team can enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project and watching an automated machine come to life, before moving on to the next. Further, this cycle of rewarding conclusions and fresh starts helps to repel burnout in the workplace – bringing new technology and fresh ideas to each new project team. 

There is always something new and exciting going on with each project. A consistent shift in projects allows employees to diversify their skills (cross-training opportunities!). Working on different machines leads to workers sharpening their current abilities or expanding their expertise. 

Unlocking Potential: Furthering Careers at SDC

Unique Opportunities

The work at SDC allows our crew to be very creative. Whether deciding how pieces flow together during the design phase of a machine or finding the best way to test distinct functions during the debug phase, there’s always room for new and innovative solutions.

In a similar vein, employees are offered a great deal of autonomy. SDC guides employees and provides them with the resources needed not only to succeed, but to dominate the industry. Rather than micromanaging, SDC empowers employees to utilize their own expertise when making decisions.

Beyond autonomy, collaboration is another strength of SDC’s staff. We’ve spent years building and developing a cohesive team of experts. Meaning, there’s always someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off. Not only is brainstorming a breeze, but work is made even more enjoyable with good company.

Unlocking Potential: Furthering Careers at SDC

Work Hard, Play Hard

SDC is a family owned and operated company. This allows us to handle matters with a more personal touch. Employees at SDC are diligent and hardworking, but they know how to have fun. Steven Douglas Corp. hosts events at least once a quarter to celebrate and appreciate the progress of employees.

These events include:

  • Annual SDC Chili Cook-Off, with prizes for 1st and 2nd place 
  • Annual Corn Hole Tournament  
  • End of year Holiday Party 
  • Annual Ice Cream Social 

Positive Environment

Workplace events like those listed above give employees the opportunity to get to know one another and create a more positive and pleasant work environment.

Along with events, hard work is also appreciated through opportunities. SDC is a fast-growing company, so new opportunities are always appearing. From travelling to trade shows to working up to leadership positions, the many possibilities presented by SDC bring positivity to the office. 

This is amplified by the many benefits included with employment at SDC. 

Immediate benefits at Start Date: 

  • 100% employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance options 
  • Employer paid life & ADD insurance 
  • 15 days’ vacation, 10 paid holidays, and accrued sick leave to start
  • 4 weeks of paid parental leave 

After 90 Days of Employment: 

  • 100% vested 401(k) retirement benefits, with employer match 
  • Additional supplemental insurance options 
  • Hybrid work opportunities 

Now that you know what SDC has to offer, click below for information on joining our expert team.

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