Assembly Robots 101: The What, Where, and How of Assembly Robots in Manufacturing

MECA Robot for Microscopic Assembly Cell

Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) offers manufacturers a wide range of solutions for high-speed precision assembly automation. For over 20 years, our team of automation experts have worked with manufacturers in virtually every industry to automate historically manual, labor-intensive tasks and improve current automation processes. By relying on our custom and specialized automated robotic assembly machines and systems, manufacturers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Turnkey Machines

With so many variations of what a turnkey manufacturing machine could look like, determining the right fit according to your manufacturing needs can be a challenge. Is it an industry-specific work cell? Is it a machine platform that an automated machine builder uses to tailor a solution? One thing is for certain, every product is […]

Our Key Takeaways – The Assembly Show 2023

The Assembly Show was held in Rosemont, Illinois this year, and turned out to be a great resource for all things assembly. From lean manufacturing, to understanding what the factory of the future looks like, we are sharing some of our key takeaways. With over 220 exhibitors and more than 24 presentations, this event opened […]

Improving Medical Device Manufacturing with Automated Machines

Medical devices demand nothing short of manufacturing excellence. We have opened the conversation about the world of cutting-edge automated technology and how we help to sculpt the way medical devices are produced. From robotic work cells to advanced imaging systems, these innovations are revolutionizing the machines that make life-saving products. This blog uncovers the exploration […]

The People Behind Industrial Automation

Behind every successful automated machine are some brilliant minds that have put their creativity and hard work together to deliver the best solutions for manufacturing challenges. These are the people who have revolutionized industries and reimagined manufacturing processes by improving efficiency and safety, reducing costs, and boosting productivity. They might not be in the limelight […]

Preventative Maintenance for Automated Machines

It’s crucial to conduct regular preventative maintenance on automated industrial machines. When properly maintained, automated machines and equipment shouldn’t need to be replaced, unless there is a change in product design or the technology needs to be upgraded. Preventative maintenance not only reinforces ROI, but it also helps ensure high performance and quality, reduce repair […]

What is a Robotic Systems Integrator?

What is a robotic systems integrator and what is their purpose for manufacturing? Within this article, we explore often-asked questions and provide explanations about how integrators work and why they’re important in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape. Buckle in and get ready to learn all about these high-tech professionals who are continually improving the face of […]

The Guide to Robotics and Automated Systems

Robots have long been a staple in science fiction movies and have provoked inspiration across the world for what the future could look like. With the rise of automation and AI technology, robots offer advantages that traditional manual labor simply cannot match. However, making the switch to robot-powered manufacturing can be a daunting decision for companies […]