Automated Box Liner Pick-and-Place Machine

Project Scope: Box Liner Pick-and-Place Machine This SDC customer needed to automate an assembly process that inserts a box liner into a cardboard box. Mitsubishi SCARA robot Destacking magazine Expanding funnels High speed pick-and-place https://youtu.be/E_HZZT6GWTM The Solution: The SDC team designed and built a custom automated assembly machine to pick-and-place molded liners into boxes that […]

Precision Optical and Electrical Tester

Project Scope: Precision Optical and Electrical Tester An SDC customer in the alternative energy industry needed a flexible system to move solar panel coupons to and from three or more pre-existing testing stations at their facility. Robotic coupon handling Four coupon cassettes with status LED lights 6-axis FANUC LR Mate 200iD 7L Coupon pneumatic gripper Bar […]

Drill Bit Package Assembly Machine

Built to handle a wide variety of drill bit sizes and packaging arrangements, this machine builds components at individual indexing stations.

Medical Hose Assembly Machine

A returning SDC customer was looking to optimize their facility with a new medical assembly machine. Our team was well prepared to deliver.

FDA-Approved Medical Device Assembly

A SDC returning customer in the medical manufacturing industry updated their product line, requiring a retrofitting of their current assembly and processing machine.

Thermal Heating Component Assembly 

SDC found an effective solution including multiple assembly stations utilizing heavy payload robots. The SDC team engineered, designed and built a fully automated assembly system to produce a thermal heating component, commonly known as a burner.

Automated Conduit Clamp Assembly

Conduit Clamp Automation

An assembly work cell consisting of one central automated assembly machine was created to optimize the manufacturing process and increase quality with production.

Continuous Motion Packing System

Within this system, we designed and built several fully automated continuous motion systems which apply a powder coating to both sides of a tape product, feed and prepare containers for the tape, load the tape into the containers and seal the containers with a lid.

Precision Wire Insertion Machine

Precision Wire Insertion Machine 1

This machine uses camera-based vision systems to locate the end of the wire and the position of the holes in the housing, then a robot uses offset coordinates based on vision results to make a precision move to insert the wires.

Fin Former Machine


SDC designed and built an automated machine that pulls metal foil from an industrial despooler and enters the forming process.