Continuous Motion Packing System

Project Scope:

Continuous Motion Powder-Coating and Packing System

A leading manufacturer of adhesive tape needed a large-scale system to carry out the production and packing of their product to meet production demand and quality. The production process involved applying a coating of powder to the tape roll, inspecting the product, loading it into packaging containers for retail and consumer use, and finally sealing the container

Additionally, the system also needed to accommodate a variety of products with different sizes and colors and alternative packaging options.

Continuous motion powder application and tape loading

Multiple part inspection stations

Two SDC lidding machines 

A custom flip conveyor 

High speed arm snapping system 


SDC conveyors with escapement system

Air knife cleaning system 

The Solution:

Within this system, we designed and built several fully automated continuous motion systems which apply a powder coating to both sides of a tape product. The system then feeds and prepares containers for the tape, loads the tape into the containers and seals the containers with a lid. In between each of these systems are additional machines connected by conveyors which inspect the incoming and outgoing products and manipulate the product as necessary to conduct each process.

Overall System Rate: Up to 150 parts per minute