Automated Box Liner Pick-and-Place Machine

Project Scope:

Box Liner Pick-and-Place Machine

This SDC customer needed to automate an assembly process that inserts a box liner into a cardboard box.

Mitsubishi SCARA robot

Destacking magazine

Expanding funnels

High speed pick-and-place

The Solution:

The SDC team designed and built a custom automated assembly machine to pick-and-place molded liners into boxes that hold specialty lighters.

The box is precisely positioned on the conveyor. The liner is separated from the bottom of a magazine stack feeding system by a vacuum gripper. The funnel-shaped tool expands in the box. Then the Mitsubishi SCARA robot pushes the liner through the tooling and into the box. The completed box is released on the conveyor and travels into a collection bin.

Machine Rate: 45 parts per minute