Precision Wire Insertion Machine

Project Scope:

Precision Wire Insertion Machine 

Our partner in the workplace safety industry needed an automated machine to help them manufacture air safety devices. This machine needed to be microscopically precise.

Pallet loading magazine with escapement

Housing pick and place vision-guided loading system

Precision wire feeding system with cutter and collection bin

FANUC Scara robot with wire gripper

XY two-camera machine system

Microscopic vision-guided wire insertion software

The Solution:

This machine uses camera-based vision systems to locate the end of the wire and the position of the holes in the housing, then a robot uses offset coordinates based on vision results to make a precision move to insert the wires. This technique ensures each wire is inserted into the center of the hole without relying on precise fixturing or having straight wire, resulting in very high wire insertion efficiency.

Machine Rate: 10 seconds per part (4 wires per part)