Specialty Box Spotting Machines

Project Scope: Specialty Box Spotting Machines  A manufacturer of paperboard boxes and long-term customer of SDC needed additional machines to perform a box-spotting assembly process. The system performs shaping, folding and forming of specialty boxes to hold jewelry and gift lighters. Mitsubishi SCARA robot Mitsubishi PLC/HMI control system Cognex In-Sight 7000 series camera Cognex Vision […]

3D Bin Picking System

3D Bin Picking Case Study 2

A 3D bin picking system was created using a loading system with a custom three-axis servo-driven cartesian robot. Tooled with magnetic grippers, the system picks parts off a cart and places them onto a belt conveyor.

Continuous Motion Packing System

Within this system, we designed and built several fully automated continuous motion systems which apply a powder coating to both sides of a tape product, feed and prepare containers for the tape, load the tape into the containers and seal the containers with a lid.

Fin Former Machine


SDC designed and built an automated machine that pulls metal foil from an industrial despooler and enters the forming process.

High-Speed, 3-Part Home Fragrance Assembly Cell


The automated assembly machine takes a cotton fragrance wick and inserts it into a plastic holder. A small nail is then inserted to hold the assembly together. The indexing table fixture consists of a precision bore to hold the plastic sleeve, as the remainder of the assembly is built in the sleeve.

Medical Port Device Assembly


While the parts were being designed, SDC worked with the product designers and the individual component manufacturers to ensure that the final parts could be assembled and packaged.

Automated Medical Device Assembly Machine


SDC designed and built an automated robotic machine that produces assemblies containing extruded medical tubing. Key components of the assembly machine include tube feeding…