High Speed Electrical Small Part Assembly

Project Scope:

High Speed Electrical Small Part Assembly

SDC’s returning customer in the electrical component production industry needed a high-speed and high precision machine to help them produce small-sized electrical connectors with tight tolerances. We applied our expertise and proprietary technology to develop a robust and custom assembly machine.

World-class engineered SDChassis

Servo-driven rotary indexing dial

Cognex vision and inspection system

Custom terminal strip feed/cut/insert mechanism

The Solution:

The SDChassis is designed for high-speed small part assembly, which is ideal for the electrical connectors produced by this customer. Using the SDChassis as the machine platform base, nesting fixtures were built on the indexing dial to allow for secure placement and parts handling of the base component. Indexing around the machine, each station is equipped with the tooling necessary to execute the required assembly function.

These stations perform synchronized functions such as terminal cutting and forming. Camera inspections mounted in between assembly stations track the part throughout each process, verify assembly, and measure part tolerance. After the part completes the assembly process, it is picked from its nest and placed into an output bin.

For more information about the SDChassis – https://sdcautomation.com/sdc-technology/sdchassis/

Machine Rate: 1.2 seconds per part