A Year-End Reflection of 2023

As we wrap up 2023 and surpass 25 years of business, We reflect on our business, our team, and our success.                                                                                

As we wrap up 2023 and surpass 25 years of business, I wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on our business, our team, and our success. Over the years, we have emphasized developing our team and the technical solutions we offer. As a result, we have been able to recruit very talented and hard-working individuals who have helped us successfully complete over 1,000 automated machine projects. It is a rewarding achievement, and one of many company milestones we’ve accomplished in 2023.

This year, we moved into our newly built headquarters in Concord, Ohio, developed in a peaceful, park-like setting, which provides a number of beneficial amenities for our employees and guests. With this spacious facility, we offer a comfortable and dynamic space for our employees where creative and exciting projects can unfold. Just 20 minutes north of our previous facility, we have the additional capacity and technology to tackle larger-scale projects and a higher number of overall projects per year.

As we grow and learn, we continue to expand our “SDC” products and processes that allow us to design and build our machines with a high degree of sophistication and confidence. Our work across different industries, building machines to complete a wide variety of tasks, provides our team with an opportunity to design new systems but also gives us the ability to pull from our past experience and knowledge bank to provide our customers with machines that work.

We’re excited for the next 25+ years and plan to continue growing our SDC team and developing the relationships with our customers to remain their supplier of choice for custom automated machines. 

I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and successful New Year!

 – Steve Belliveau, SDC President & CEO

2023 Achievements

  • Established our new headquarters in Concord, Ohio
  • Reached our 1,000th project
  • 25th year in business
  • FastTrack50 award