The Benefits of Integrating a Servo Pick-and-Place

As parts get smaller and greater precision is needed, manufacturers are turning to more advanced automated solutions for mass production and process efficiencies like servo-driven pick and place systems.

Pick and Place mechanisms provide high speed, precise motion at a great value while maintaining a low profile. With their highly flexible design and compact size, each version can be configured and integrated to fit any automated machine to optimize manufacturing needs.

The Benefits of Integrating a Servo Pick-and-Place

Sizable and Configurable for All Needs

  • Two-axis primary design with a vertical and horizontal component
  • Available in both single-axis vertical slide and single-axis horizontal slide options
  • A third rotary axis can be added to the end of the arm tooling, creating flexible and customizable application
  • Axes can be configured as a long stroke or configurable stroke
  •  SDC sources servomotors from top suppliers to provide the best solution for each individual application
  • The base can also be made to fit any application or machine, making it able to support high loads and limit vibration in a high-speed motion.

Each linear motion is supported by a Linear Guideway rated for high dynamic loads. These motions are driven using a precision ball screw rated for high speed, long life, and helps to increase accuracy. The servo-controlled aspect makes these capable machines highly customizable and allow easy configuration of velocity, acceleration, and position. Furthermore, an arcing facet can be created, allowing the machine to move around corners and enact multistep motion profiles.

Can be Combined with Other SDC Solutions for Greater Power

When the Pick and Place is combined with an SDC HMI (Human-Machine Interface), the system, positions and operation can be setup, configured, and adjusted with ease. Each cycle has the capability to be completed in under a second, optimizing efficiency and increasing process productivity.

Primary Advantages of a Servo Pick-and-Place:

  • Great value when compared to robotics and other more complicated pick and place mechanisms
  • Simple to operate, configure, and customize when combined with an SDC HMI
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • High-speed, precision and, repeatability
  • Low profile and small factory footprint to fit a variety of applications
  • Custom application options
The Benefits of Integrating a Servo Pick-and-Place