Manufacturers Look to Increase Automation Amid COVID-19

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The use of automation in manufacturing is hardly a recent trend. As the skills gap widens and automated systems become more precise, automation has certainly become more commonplace on factory floors. Due to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, however, several industry publications have suggested that the use of automation will become even more widespread within […]

8 Things Needed to Get an Industrial Automation Project Quote


Industrial manufacturers in virtually every industry are leveraging automated machines, evolving how they produce products to keep up with consumer demands. With the cost of automation becoming more affordable, the cost-benefit analysis of automating tedious and repetitive manual tasks has become an attractive option for many manufacturers today. As the largest and most capable engineering […]

What It Takes to Create a Custom Medical Tube Handling and Assembly Machine


It can be challenging to design and build an automated machine to assemble medical devices that use extruded medical tubing. Extruded tubing can have a mind of its own and the degree of randomness that can be difficult to handle in an automated machine. However, by taking a creative and problem-solving approach, it can still […]

New Trends in Automated Machines

New Trends

New Trends in Automated Machines The manufacturing industry has significantly evolved over the years, from the first industrial revolution when water and steam powered machines, to mass production and assembly lines using electricity in the second, to the adoption of computer and automation technology in the third. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of […]

Vision-Guided Robotics in Automated Machines

Automation technology has dramatically advanced over the past few decades. According to the Robotic Industries Association, “Robots have become faster, more accurate and more capable of automating a wider range of tasks. Vision technology has become cheaper, faster and more intelligent over the years too.” When combined, it should come as no surprise, then, that […]

3 Types of Part Feeding Systems

3 Types of Part Feeding Systems The manufacturing of a product may involve a variety of part components that need a way to be fed into an assembly machine or system. Due to the uniqueness of each part (e.g., shape, weight, geometry, etc.), it’s important to select the best feeding system for each component. In […]

3 Reasons to Partner with a Specialized Automation Company for a Custom Machine


From reduced costs to greater productivity, there are many reasons why companies are increasingly investing in automated factory equipment for their manufacturing plants. Rather than relying on internal teams, many manufacturers have found that it’s more beneficial to partner with a factory automation company like Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) to solve manufacturing challenges. Here are […]