Applications for Pick and Place Robots

Pick and Place

Picking and placing parts or assemblies is often a simple, repetitive, and monotonous task in most industrial manufacturing processes. Especially when it comes to moving large, small, or hard-to-handle parts, automating this function on the factory line with high-speed pick and place robots can provide many benefits to manufacturers. In some of today’s sophisticated automated […]

How to Improve Lot Traceability in Manufacturing

Lot Traceability

We’ve all read headlines about product recalls in highly-regulated industries, such as automotive, food processing, medical, and pharmaceutical. You can imagine how financially devastating it would be to discover that a product you’ve been manufacturing for years is subject to a recall for a quality defect. Should this occur, you’ll need to recall as quickly […]

Capabilities and Benefits of Robotic Inspection

Robotic Material Handling

Inspections are crucial to ensure quality products, yet the need for accurate and reliable inspections can often create bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. Compared to manual methods, automated robots are proven to increase speed and accuracy for manufacturers, and can present parts to inspection stations in unique and precise ways that otherwise could not be […]

Assembly Robots 101: The What, Where, and How of Assembly Robots in Manufacturing


Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) offers manufacturers a wide range of solutions for high-speed precision assembly automation. For over 20 years, our team of automation experts have worked with manufacturers in virtually every industry to automate historically manual, labor-intensive tasks and improve current automation processes. By relying on our custom and specialized automated robotic assembly machines […]

Electropolishing for Industrial Use

Electropolishing is an increasingly common method for smoothing, polishing and deburring ferrous and nonferrous metals. Also referred to as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing, or electrolytic polishing, this method is especially useful for polishing and deburring metal parts that are fragile or have complex shapes. Learn more about the electropolishing process and its uses. How Does […]

Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Robots

Fanuc Robot Medical Assembly

It’s crucial to conduct regular preventative maintenance for industrial robots. When industrial robots are properly maintained, they can last for many years before needing to be replaced. Not only does this improve the return on investment on equipment, but it also helps ensure high performance, reduce repair costs, and keep production moving. How Often to […]

What’s the Difference Between Six-Axis, SCARA, and Cartesian Robots?


Robotic arms are on the rise, with many manufacturers seeking to automate tasks to increase speed and productivity and improve accuracy. Specifically, six-axis, selective compliance articulated/assembly robot arms (SCARAs), and Cartesian robots are among some of the most commonly used robotic arms in industrial automation. With several types of robotic arms on the market, it’s […]

SDC System Detects Elevated Body Temperature

SDC offers a custom package using thermal imaging to automatically detect elevated body temperature during quick, no-contact, individual screenings. Considering the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about stopping the spread of the virus and are investing in unique technology to help detect elevated body temperatures which may be a […]

Loans and Financing Options for Automation Equipment


Loans and Financing Options for Automation Equipment Having the right equipment is essential to maintaining operations and driving growth within an organization. Equipment like automated machines and systems, for example, has proven beneficial to increasing production, reducing labor costs, and improving product quality. Lack of capital, however, can be a common barrier to purchasing automation […]