Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

Project Scope:

Automated Glass Bottle Loading Cell

This project was presented to SDC in search of a cost-effective, high-speed material handling system for glass bottles. The SDC system needed to automatically unload bottles from boxes and place them into individual fixtures as part of the assembly process.

Parts handling system with automatic positioning

High-speed pick-and-place

PLC based machine controls

Parts feeding

Machine vision inspection system

Conveyor tracking system

Complete machine safety system

The Solution:

The experts at SDC designed and built an automated machine that uses a custom conveyor system to load boxes with glass bottles into the cell. As the bottles are moved into the cell, a complex machine vision system accurately identifies the position of the bottles.

Then, a pneumatic pick-and-place with custom grippers moves the bottles from the box and into individual fixtures. The pick-and-place system is able to load six bottles into six individual fixtures at a time.

From there, the fixtures with the glass bottle are transported to the next phase of the assembly process on a custom part accumulation conveying system with accurate part positioning and tracking.

Machine Rate: 300 parts per minute