Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

With over 20 years specializing in developing unique automated solutions, our team of dedicated engineers have helped us partner with vendors that offer quality with value. One perfect example of this is our supplier partnership with Allen-Bradley (A-B) by Rockwell Automation.

Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

For most machines we design, at least one servo axis is required to drive a precision linear or rotary mechanism. Allen-Bradley fulfills our needs and fuels our innovative standards with their superior servo motors. With the integration of servo motors being a constant element here at Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC), creating and maintaining a valued partnership has always been a priority.

Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

Why Allen-Bradley

Allen Bradley provides a complete integrated solution (PLC, HMI, motion control, and safety) that makes their servo hardware an easy choice when compared to other available solutions. Our team has found that the ease of use of Allen-Bradley’s servo motors is second only to its quality, and the infinite flexibility aspect expands its possibility of use for our applications.

What This Means for Your Application

When we integrate A-B servo motors into your automated system, your facility’s production becomes more fortified. Here are several highlights:

  • Enhanced drive diagnostics allow a technician to easily identify issues, fix them, then reset the condition to continue production.
  • For precise control, each servo motor contains a high-resolution absolute encoder, which eliminates the need for homing on loss of power, allowing increased machine uptime.
  • Studio 5000 software allows for faster programming of enhanced control methods, such as camming and gearing. The use of Studio 5000 allows the PLC, motion control, and safety software to be saved as only one file, which allows for easier maintenance of the overall machine software.
  • Servo motors are used in applications that require precision, like the common pick & place application, indexing tables, and our proprietary SDChassis.
Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

With years of experience integrating servo motors in our automated solutions, Allen-Bradley’s servo motors have proven to hold quality and reliability with its value. This has made our partnership easy to maintain and has improved the relationships we have with our clients as well. When we integrate, everyone benefits.

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