Wire Inserting and Forming Assembly Machine

Project Scope:

Wire Inserting and Forming Assembly Machine

One of SDC’s long-term partners, a manufacturer of automobile ignition coils, needed a fully automated assembly and inspection line for the assembly of an automotive part. 

SDChassis Indexing Dial

Vibratory Feed System

SDC Servo-controlled Terminal Wire Feeding

Precision Robotic Terminal Wire Insertion

Precision Wire Forming 

Machine Vision Inspection

Robotic Tray Handling and Palletizing Unload

Wire Forming and Assembly Machine Overview 2a

The Solution:

SDC designed and built an indexing dial assembly and test machine to manufacture a secondary bobbin assembly. This system was built on the SDChassis machine platform and provided a pre-engineered, smooth-running and cam-driven machine platform. This was tooled to assemble and test the new secondary bobbin assembly. 

The SDChassis offered motion modules for many precise wire forming stations. Custom servo-controlled wire feeding and robotic loading and unloading allowed for fast repeatable cycles. Cognex vision systems were used to ensure quality throughout the system.

Machine Rate: 2.5 seconds per part