Specialty Box Spotting Machines

Project Scope:

Specialty Box Spotting Machines 

A manufacturer of paperboard boxes and long-term customer of SDC needed additional machines to perform a box-spotting assembly process. The system performs shaping, folding and forming of specialty boxes to hold jewelry and gift lighters.

Mitsubishi SCARA robot

Mitsubishi PLC/HMI control system

Cognex In-Sight 7000 series camera

Cognex Vision View

Pneumatic-suctioned conveyor

The Solution:

SDC developed a “kit” for the group of machines to perform the spotting process. Each kit synchronizes the machines to run as a complete system. This system uses vision-guided robotics to pick-and-place folded boxes.

This kit allowed the manufacturer to optimize their production, decrease downtime, and provide more skilled employment opportunities. 

Machine Rate: Up to 42 parts per minute