Semi-Automated Gas Valve Assembly

Project Scope:

Semi-Automated Valve Assembly

A client in the natural gas industry needed a machine to assemble risers and valves to make a complete part. This machine was required to accommodate assemblies of various diameters, lengths and valve geometries.

Pneumatic Shuttle with Hydraulic Grippers

Sealant Applicator and Spreading System with Three-axis Programmable Motion

Quick-change Tooling

Allen-Bradley PLC

Servo-driven Valve Torquing

The Solution:

The SDC team built a custom semi-automated assembly machine. To accommodate several part sizes, a split plate fixture providing the drive torque was designed for a quick change-out with different sized plates stored below the operating area. A sealant applicator connected by a servo-controlled horizontal slide allows for a fast, clean and even bead of sealant to be spread around the pipe threads. 

The valve assembly rotary motion and the horizontal motion are electronically geared together so the fixture will move inward as the valve is threaded onto the riser at the correct pitch to maintain full engagement with the fixture as it is assembled. The servo allows precise control over the final torque of valves following customer specifications.

Machine Rate: 140 parts per hour