Custom Leak Testing Machine

Project Scope:

Custom Leak Testing Machine 

One of SDC’s continuous partners in the propane and natural gas distribution industry was looking for a better way to seal and leak test their tubing. This system needed to be customized to fit a variety of tubing sizes with accurate testing capabilities while maintaining an ergonomic and cost-effective design. 

Welded Steel Machine Frame with Two Test Station 

Adjustable Support Clamps 

Allen Bradley PLC Complete System 

Ultra-High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transducers 

Very Low Internal Volume Test Systems 

Inkjet Marking System Integration 

Single Color HMI 

Built-in Calibrated Leak 

Tooling Storage 

The Solution:

SDC designed and built a semi-automated leak test machine using upgraded technology to test the seal between a pipe nipple and its tubing.

While an operator unloads parts, the machine initiates testing before the new part is loaded, minimizing wait time. The modular tooling design allows for configuration of various sizes and combinations with easy changeover.

With floor space dimensions and part sizes supplied by the client, SDC was able to provide a cost-effective, ergonomically correct and highly accurate semi-automated testing system.

Machine Rate: Testing within .001 PSI accuracy