Automatic Resin Distribution and Material Handling Cell

Project Scope:

 Automatic Resin Distribution and Material Handling Cell

The customer turned to the experts at Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) to design and build an automatic resin distributing and stacking cell for large sheets of fiberglass of varying sizes and thickness. The resin needed to be distributed evenly and within short cure times, some as quick as 1:30 minute.

Material Handling

Resin Dispensing and Distribution System

Custom Machine Sequence Programming

Web Handling System

Custom Programming

Robotic Programming and Integration

The Solution:

This large cell automatically creates large sheets of fiberglass through a process of feeding individual sheets of fiberglass, one at a time, coating them with a layer of resin, and then stacking them on top of each other to move into a large press. The fiberglass is layered on a scale with constant weight monitoring to ensure the proper amount of resin is dispensed and distributed. The machine can layer as many parts as the operator initiates for the sequence and can pull from nine different fiberglass rolls. A large material handling robot offloads the fiberglass from this machine and loads it into the press.

The resin distribution rate weight and number of pours varies depending on sheet thickness. For example, the thinnest sheet, which is at 4’ x 8’ x 1/32” thick, requires one pour of approximately seven pounds of resin within a 1:30 minute cure time. The typical thickness range of the sheets is between 1/32 – 1”, with the machine being capable of preparing a sheet that is up to 2” thick.

The thickness using the highest volume of resin in the shortest time is 60 pounds per layup in a 2:30 minute cure time, employing one pour, with some amount of safety factor required to ensure the maximum delivery rate time. The final product maximum weight is approximately 730 lbs. and as many as 25 layers of resin.