Automated In-Line Measuring System

Project Scope:

Automated In-Line Measuring System

Our partner that manufactures parts for consumer food blenders needed a way to continually monitor part quality immediately following a grinding operation where the tolerance on critical diameters was +/- .00015”In-spec and out-of-spec parts were automatically identified and sorted into bins.

Custom V belt conveyor

Air knife parts cleaning system

Position tracking

110VAC Electrical control system based on Allen Bradley PLC and 7-inch touch screen HMI

Absorbent media part cleaning system to remove trace amounts of cutting fluid that affect measurements

Keyence LS-9030 Laser Micrometer

Two reject air blow offs with reject bins

The Solution:

The SDC team created an in-line measuring system to measure the diameter of each part using a vertical laser micrometer after the parts are cleaned and correctly oriented on the conveyor. Pass/fail limits determine the status of each part and air jets push parts into separate bins according to their measurements.  

Acceptance Rate: 20 parts per minute