Solar Panel Reflectance Test

Project Scope:

Reflectance Test Retrofit and Duplicate

This SDC customer needed to update their existing solar panel testing machine to accommodate the next generation of panels. This request also included a need for a duplicate machine after upgrades were made. 

Reflectance motion system upgrade

Custom .NET PC application for process control and debugging

Integrated SQL Server database for recipe functionality and process data logging

Ethernet communications with third-party software

The Solution:

The system is a servo-driven X-Y gantry that moves an optical sensor head to various positions on the panel. Positions can be obtained from a database recipe or sent from third-party software.

To begin the process of retrofitting, this machine was shipped back to SDC, evaluated by the team, reengineered based on next generation panel requirements, and upgraded according to specification. The SDC team was then able to duplicate this project and produce a new machine to help the customer meet demand.

Machine Rate: N/A