Semi-Automated Automotive Crimping Machine

Project Scope:

Semi-Automated Automotive Crimping Machine

SDC put their years of experience to good use when designing and building a semi-automated assembly machine to crimp automotive body clips to side molding.

The Solution:

SDC designed and built a double-sided, custom tooled workstation for use in the manufacture of automotive body trim. The machine is controlled by a custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaced with an HMI (Human Machine Interface). The double-sided machine is operator paced, and each operator can complete between 400–450 parts per hour or 800–900 pieces total.

SDC’s custom CAM presses crimp molding taps over body clips, using mechanical leverage to apply force in a gentle, blemish-free process. Nests are positioned to match the geometry of the parts, and sensors in the nests ensure the clips are oriented properly. An automated “part lock” is enabled if any press fails.