Polishing & Grinding Machine

Project Scope:

Polishing & Grinding Machine

SDC’s expert design and engineering team built a fully automated, high-speed processing machine to polish and grind ceramic parts used in lighting products.

Custom written PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) interfaced with an HMI (Human Machine Interface)

CAM driven rotary indexing table with 16 positions

All parts fixturing designed and manufactured by SDC

CAM derived motions power: auto polishing, auto grinding, and auto discharge pick-and-place motion

Custom SDC 2-axis servo grinding station

Automatic pallet handling Bosch Power & Free Conveyor

Robotic loading/in-feed

SCARA robotic unloading/out-feed

The Solution:

This fully automated work cell includes an HMI (Human Machine Interface) to deliver consistent feedback and system monitoring and a robotic controller for in-feed/out-feed of parts, all while delivering 1,200 finished parts per hour.