Integrated Inspection Solutions: A Cognex Partnership

Cognex Camera Inspecting a Part

With over 20 years specializing in developing unique automated solutions, Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) recently completed a project that set new standards for vision requirements and improved the assembly and testing process for a long-standing partner in the automotive industry. SDC’s assembly machines usually integrate more than one camera to visually inspect specific points throughout […]

SDC Department Spotlight: Office Administration

SDC Office Administration

The people who make up an office administration team play a critical role in helping a business run smoothly. As a constant component across every industry, these essential team members uphold the standards of a cohesive team. For Administrative Professional’s Day (April 27), we took a dive into our office to spotlight some of SDC’s own […]

Understanding the 3 Types of Mechanical Actuators: Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric 


Mechanical actuators are mechanisms that use a source of power to achieve physical movement. These are essential and can be found on nearly every automated machine. The three main types of actuators are pneumatic (air pressure), hydraulic (fluid pressure) and electric.  Pneumatic Actuators  Pneumatic actuators use compressed air or pressurized gas to create a controlled […]

Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

For most machines we design, at least one servo axis is required to drive a precision linear or rotary mechanism. Allen-Bradley fulfills our needs and fuels our innovative standards with their superior servo motors.

The Importance of a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Keeping your automated machine running at full efficiency should hold the highest priority in your production facility. A comprehensive preventative maintenance plan given to you by your automated partner helps your team implement routine maintenance. Developing a plan to routinely service your machine maintains your facility’s optimization and prolongs the technical health of your operation. […]