SDC Awarded Second Consecutive Robotics Award


It was with great honor that we accept the 2020 award for outstanding sales growth for the second year in a row from FANUC.  As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator (ASI) Level III, Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC) has achieved another year of at least 50% increase in robots purchased (and integrated into automated systems). Our […]

Superior Servo Motor Creates Quality Partnership

For most machines we design, at least one servo axis is required to drive a precision linear or rotary mechanism. Allen-Bradley fulfills our needs and fuels our innovative standards with their superior servo motors.

Automate Manufacturing Processes During a Labor Shortage

Material Handling Conveyor System

The global COVID pandemic caused nearly all manufacturing industries to face challenges without warning. One of them is the massive and sudden reduction in their workforce, which caused costly disruptions and operational impacts ranging from the factory floor to the larger supply chain. And whether employees were laid off, quit, or transitioned to a part-time […]

The Importance of a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your automated machine running at full efficiency should hold the highest priority in your production facility. A comprehensive preventative maintenance plan given to you by your automated partner helps your team implement routine maintenance. Developing a plan to routinely service your machine maintains your facility’s optimization and prolongs the technical health of your operation. […]

How Robotics And Automation Can Help Companies Fulfill Alternative Energy Initiatives


Various industries around the globe are beginning to understand the positive financial and environmental impacts of turning to cleaner, more sustainable energy alternatives, especially as the effects of climate change are worsening each year. As the green energy initiative grows, manufacturing companies are also becoming aware of their role in contributing to cleaner energy practices […]